Where Death Likes to Ride

Parental Guidance Recommended: May contain content some parents may feel is inappropriate for younger children
Parental Guidance Recommended: May contain content some parents may feel is inappropriate for younger children

Content Advice: This audio drama serial contains horror themes, dinosaurs, and zombies.


Jim Wilkes, former Sherriff of Liberty Gulch, wakes up to find he is dead, murdered by Mayor Dan Wilson, a skin-walker that has escaped from the spirit world. He, along with Annie Deemes, Sally Turner, and Speeding Elk, are now spirit walkers returned to the world of the living by the powerful magic of Speeding Elk’s tribe. They must band together to track down the mayor and put an end to his attempts to tear open the barrier between this world and the dark realm from which the thing inside him originates. In order to do this, they will need to find mounts willing to carry them, overcome the fear and distrust of the living, survive the challenges of a valley full of dinosaurs, and learn to use and control their new undead powers. Can they overcome these obstacles in time to thwart Wilson’s evil schemes? Tune in and thrill to the excitement of “Where Death Likes to Ride” and find out for yourself.

About the Author

Philip Craig Robotham grew up in a house full of books and has held numerous jobs as a teacher, computer programmer, graphic and web designer, an e-learning consultant and, most recently, writer. He currently lives in Victoria, Australia with his wife and two sons. When he was younger and fitter he enjoyed martial arts, but in recent years his hobbies have tended towards more sedate fare (board games, movies, books, and role-playing games).
He is extremely grateful for the encouragement he receives from his biggest fans — his wife and two boys — all of whom read and enjoy his scripts and, in general, make his life worth living.


CC by-nc-nd 4.0
CC by-nc-nd 4.0

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