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What do we do?

This site was built for people just like you. People who crave a deeper, more interactive, and imaginative entertainment experience.

This site exists to give you a unique audio entertainment experience providing loads of Audio Drama resources. It provides entertainment that can be enjoyed passively and alone, true, but, more importantly, it provides entertainment that can be experienced socially, interactively, and creatively; entertainment that activates and stimulates the brain; entertainment that is immersive, fun, and expands the imagination.

We provide scripts, games, and recordings of audio drama that let groups of friends and family experience memorable times of fun and social interaction in the worlds of Old Time Radio Drama.

Radio plays and roleplaying games take place completely within the imagination of the participants. Because they are designed to use the mind as a canvas, very little is needed beyond imagination, the scripts, and the game rules to bring fabulous adventures to life for you and those you invite to participate.

Who are we?

Weirdworldstudios.com is a small, independent, producer of audio drama scripts and resources, along with related entertainment in the style of old time radio plays. Our flagship products are packaged as a fun dinner party idea.

How can we help you?

It’s great getting together with friends isn’t it? And we’ve done all of the planning and most of the hard work for you so that you can make your next gathering into something truly memorable.

  • The materials hosted on this site provide you with everything you need to enjoy great home entertainment or host a fantastic social event that will be talked about long after the event itself.
  • No acting skills or visual aids are required – a radio play can be read from your chair while the world comes to life in your imagination.
  • The dinner party plan is flexible providing loads of suggestions but few requirements. Would you rather not get dressed up? No problem. Do you prefer ordering in pizza to cooking from a period menu? The choice is yours.
  • The role playing game can take your experience to the next level by introducing you to a whole new world of fun and interactivity where you become the hero of the story.
  • You can immerse yourself in the characters, inventing your own voices and hamming it up with your friends.
  • A hosted audio drama or roleplaying game is loads of fun and provides plenty of laughs and entertainment.
  • Most importantly, you’ll create a lasting memory that your guests will talk about for a long time to come.

Visit our Shop

Visit our Shop
Visit our shop and browse our great entertainment kits.

What people are saying

Ghosts… Shapeshifters… The Underworld… Faeries… Strange Magical Beasts… A new twist on Sherlock Holmes… This is not the sort of thing I would normally read. However, I tried the “How to Host an Old time Radio Drama” scripts, and to my surprise I enjoyed them thoroughly. Not only did the scripts describe the above, but they also had ingenious plots, lots of interesting characters, including villains and heroes, and some in between, and they were a great fun read. With the additional instructions provided I can imagine a night of feasting and reading, with much laughter thrown in. I can highly recommend these plays.

– Ruth Alder, author of “The Nothing Man”, “Good Grief”, and “The Other Side of Everything”.

Having had the distinct pleasure to be a part of several Weird World Studio radio drama dinners, I can say that there is almost nothing like it. The closest approximation would be a murder mystery party but the Old Time Radio Dramas stand as a unique evening of good times. The pulp adventure scripts perfectly capture the exciting and camp feel of the stories told by the likes of Lester Dent with a tongue firmly in cheek. But unlike other homages, the Old Time Radio Dramas put you right in the action. With plenty of opportunity for bad accents, over-the-top acting and improvisation, you’d be hard pressed to find a more enjoyable evening with a group of friends.

– Carl Purcell, author of Winter City and Sorceress’ Blood

I have been to three of these old time radio drama hosted evenings, and I can honestly say it’s a fine way to spend an evening in with a group of friends. The scripts are accessible and engaging, with solid, recognisable plots and exciting twists. The characters (that you and your friends will play) are fun and expressive, and really fit the genre of a radio play well. But the best thing is the plentiful opportunities for hammy acting, impromptu voice-overs, and hilarious improvisation – you might start with a radio play, but you will end up with something that is unique to your evening. Adding music, sound effects, and costumes only makes the whole evening that much more special, but everything you need for an entertaining evening really is in the scripts. They certainly soak up an evening, so having dinner, drinks, and a few snacks to break up the acts is a must. I have no doubt anyone who takes the plunge and runs one of these for their friends will be surprised at how remarkably enjoyable it was.

– Ben Carpentier, customer


Our play “The House” came runner up in the 2016 Marion Thauer Brown Audio Scriptwriting competition. Check it out here.

What can you find here?

Entertainment Kits

We’ve got all the Audio Drama resources you need for a great “night in” with friends and/or family. All that is required to host and run an entertaining dinner party around a “table reading” of a great feature-length radio script has been packaged up in the form of our fun and educational entertainment kits.

  • Our feature length scripts take from 1 1/2 to 2 hours to read and generally provide for a fun 3 hour dinner party experience.
  • These scripts are written to be enjoyed by 6-8 participants.
  • A suggested menu and recipes, themed to fit the story, are provided.
  • Period costume suggestions are also included.
  • For those who really want to recreate the ambiance of old time radio production we’ve included instructions for a do-it-yourself sound-effects kit.
  • Each script, while forming part of a larger serial, provides it’s own self-contained story to enjoy.

The production of the great resources and material you can find on this site is funded through the sale of these kits, so please consider supporting us with a purchase.

Educational resources

For teachers, students, and those with a casual interest in the nuts and bolts of writing and producing audio drama we have a large range of free lessons, materials, tips, tricks, and detailed articles to help you “take a look under the hood” of radio drama production. Here you can learn to become an audio-drama producer in your own right, build the skills to write your own script, and shape that script into your very own masterpiece . This is such an accessible medium for people to develop their story-telling creativity that we want to help stir your creative juices and encourage you to dive right in. You’ll be surprised how easy and rewarding it is to get started with the fun and comprehensive resources we’ve developed.

Draft Scripts

More and more people, just like you, are turning to a highly underrated source of reading entertainment.

For the time poor reader of the 21st Century, scripts are a surprisingly accessible, but often overlooked, source of relaxation because they can be read in one third of the time (often even less) that it takes to read a novel, and will still leave the reader with the same depth and richness of experience.

In terms of power and artistic merit, and as a vehicle for great stories, scripts can be the equal in storytelling and language of any literary form, and just as timeless (consider the continuing value of Shakespeare’s plays).

For time-saving, imagination building, entertainment, scripts just can’t be beaten.

The Roleplaying Game

Have you ever wanted to live the adventures that were recounted in the great radio shows of the past? Sure, you can live them vicariously, but, since the invention of the roleplaying game, it is also possible to experience them in a far more direct and immersive way.

Tabletop roleplaying games provide the rules and structure needed to become the heroes of the story, letting you direct the action and live the adventure, while, just like in a radio drama, the fun all takes place on the canvas of the mind (where the vistas are unlimited and the special effects are better than anything developed for film and television).

Roleplaying games develop imagination, problem solving, social skills, and story-telling ability. They are also incredibly fun and addictive.

We’ve provided an entire free player’s guide to get you started.

Lots of Free Content

And of course, as enthusiasts for all things Radio Drama, we’re giving away lots of showcased classic radio shows for download, free samples of our kits, recipes, resource links, PC wallpapers and more. Simply explore the free content at your leisure. There’s a lot of treasure to be found.

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