GMCMP001 – Into The Shadows (Compilation)


This volume gathers together the first four of our Gaslamp Mystery scripts featuring Sherlock Holmes and Martha Hudson.

Episode 1: The Visitor from the Gloria Scott
The case which sets Sherlock Holmes on the path that will forever dominate and define his life occurs while holidaying with a friend during his final year at university. When his holiday-companion’s dog is killed under mysterious circumstances, Holmes begins an investigation that will pit him against the very forces of darkness. With the help of Martha Hudson, Holmes sets out to uncover the true nature of the evil which has settled in Donnithorpe. On the way he encounters spectral possession, evil enchantment, and a hidden sorcerer of immense power. Will Holmes’ deductive abilities and expertise in folklore carry the day? Tune in to “The Visitor from the Gloria Scott” and uncover the terrifying truth for yourself.

Episode 2: The Ritual
Sherlock Holmes has just left university and is seeking to make a name for himself as an investigator of the unusual when Reginald Musgrave, an acquaintance from the university, arrives requesting Holmes look into the disappearance of two of his domestic staff. Holmes immediately asks Martha Hudson to go undercover at Musgrave’s stately home while he himself is visiting to ascertain what has taken place. The investigation enters them in a race to find a hidden local treasure but ultimately pits them against the treasure’s ghostly guardian and Musgrave’s rivals. Can Holmes’ uncanny deductive abilities and understanding of folklore help him to win the treasure before others with more sinister motives do the same?

Episode 3 : The Speckled Hide
Sherlock Holmes’ career as an arcane investigator is quite well established when Martha Hudson introduces him to Helen Stoner, a runaway who fears her guardian is attempting to murder her for her inheritance. An encounter with the inhumanly strong Dr Roylott convinces Holmes that the affair deserves his attention, so he and Martha accompany Miss Stoner to Dr Roylott’s estate. Holmes’ fears are confirmed when the good Doctor attempts to drug them all during dinner and, beneath the cover of a storm, they encounter shape-shifters, a monstrous demon, and a woman who all believed dead. Can they overcome the evil lurking within and beneath Dr Roylott’s mansion in order to free Helen from their host’s evil schemes?

Episode 4 : Scarlet
A chance encounter in a curio shop with a man searching for his lost fiancée draws Sherlock Holmes into his strangest case to date. Almost one hundred people have gone missing from the streets of Highgate and mysterious “scavengers” are terrorizing the streets at night. When Holmes himself becomes the chief suspect in the kidnappings he is forced to seek shelter in the sewers among the criminal underground. And what is the mysterious evil lurking beneath Highgate Cemetery? Can Holmes uncover the truth when even his closest friends are being numbered among the missing?

Into the Shadows
294 pages (52,938 words)


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Into the Shadows
294 pages (52,938 words)

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Episodes in the Host Your Own “Old Time Radio Drama” series are designed to provide a fun dinner party experience for 6–8 participants. Read along, taking on the role of one or more of the characters in the story, and listen as the exciting drama unfolds. This is the theater of the mind, where the special effects are only limited by your imagination, and your participation will build a memory that you’ll treasure for years to come.


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