FN004 – On the Fence


Claire Templeton, crime reporter, often wonders what she sees in her boyfriend, Tully Bing.
Being bookish and timid, he just isn’t her type. But when the information Tully provides about the black market puts her in touch with a fence who is quickly murdered by means that can only be described as magical, she and Tully are drawn into a brand new faery plot to destroy the city, sever and isolate the mortal realm, and pave the way for a faery takeover.
With her sometime ally, Tony Wells, effectively neutralized by a clever faery plot, Claire finds herself working for and with the High Queen of the Realm of Darkness. Unfortunately the Queen tops Claire’s list of suspects with regard to who’s behind all the mayhem. Can Claire solve the case and save the day before her home town becomes a giant crater? Tune in to “On the Fence” and listen as the mystery unfolds.

On the Fence
8 pages (19,847 words)
Are you uncertain whether this is for you? Download a Free Sample.


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On the Fence
8 pages (19,847 words)
Are you uncertain whether this is for you? Download a Free Sample.

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Episodes in the Host Your Own “Old Time Radio Drama” series are designed to provide a fun dinner party experience for 6–8 participants. Read along, taking on the role of one or more of the characters in the story, and listen as the exciting drama unfolds. This is the theater of the mind, where the special effects are only limited by your imagination, and your participation will build a memory that you’ll treasure for years to come.


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